Kara (Star Wars Fan Film)

First off, thanks to your mod bulcmlifeurt for putting this together.

So I am Tony Zhou. I’m a filmmaker and freelance editor based in San Francisco but in my spare time, I make video essays about film form. The most recent one was Jackie Chan – How to Do Action Comedy

You can ask me anything. My wheelhouse is filmmaking and editing, but I also tell goofy stories about growing up Asian in America and my past life as an expat in China.

Though keeping “Every Frame a Painting” on a semi-regular schedule demands a lot of his time, Zhou says that he keeps up with the competition, citing vloggers like Ami Yamato, Luke Ritson, Kevin B. Lee and Kogonada as inspirations.

While those latter two have worked with outlets like Fandor and Criterion, Zhou plans to keep “Every Frame a Painting” independent. “This sounds silly, but one of the reasons I like doing the channel is that it’s all manageable by one person.

If I worked for a larger company, that would change. I’d definitely have to take copyright issues into account a lot more.”

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